Your Creative Solutions has been the formal vehicle for my creativity from the beginning of my IT culture. As my interests changed over time, the activities of Your Creative Solutions have followed. It started during my gymnasium years with providing support on BBSes for companies, as well as the odd UNIX-job.

During my university years, this migrated to more PC-related jobs such as setting up and maintaining the LAN of a small business, and later more R&D jobs such as a study for the improvement of the search engine and the security design of a web payment application.

During the periods of my employment for the NLNCSA, Brightsight and TrustCB, Your Creative Solutions continued to operate in a non-competing manner (often in the form of R&D on new technology and its unexpected applications).

Now Your Creative Solutions performs R&D on various topics around improvement of performance and state control for people, situational awareness, and more.

The Common Criteria activities have moved to TrustCB for a while now, the slide archive has been moved to the Common Criteria Portal.

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